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Pastel Premier is a truly unique 100% Cotton/  Archival Quality pastel paper. It is double primed and coated with an aluminum oxide created for Pastel Premier to produce an ideal surface for pastel painting. The final seal coat makes this paper extremely durable and able to withstand almost any measure of scrubbing and reworking. The paper works with a wide range of media  as an underpainting and accepts as many as 25 layers of pastel.

  • 100% Cotton/Archival Quality
  •  Heavy 145 lb., 310 gsm paper
  •  Accepts multiple layers of pastel
  •  Extraordinarily durable surface
  •  Made in the U.S.A.
  •  320 Grit | Medium Fine | Italian Clay
  •  400 Grit | Fine | White
  •  600 Grit | Extra Fine | White
  •  Medium Grit | Terracotta, Buff, Slate

Pastel Premier is preferred not only by pastel painters, but is widely used with oil and acrylics, all other dry media as well as colored pencil. No other surface has the characteristics found in Pastel Premier that will work with such a wide range of media.

  • Bainbridge Acid-Free Foam Board features acid and lignin free paper liners and has micro-chamber technology designed to absorb and neutralize harmful gasses to protect artwork from impurities. Toothier surface paper provides a stronger grip for adhesive.  Light weight and rigid with firm memory core.
  • Conservation Board has an acid free chip board core and acid free surface paper. The board is double thick board.
  • Pure Film Dry Mount Adhesive is a heat activated, 100% pure adhesive film that melts when heated and bonds as it cools. VERSAMOUNT remains re-activatable for easy removal or for utilizing a self-trimming technique. Because it is 100% pure adhesive, with no tissue or glassine core, small pieces can be overlapped, patched or pieced together without creating a telltale ridge. With its ability to flow under heat and pressure, VERSAMOUNT is ideally suited to mounting and textured artwork, filling in nooks, crannies and voids left empty by conventional dry mount tissues. This ensures an exceptionally strong bond on difficult to mount items.


Panels made with Pastel Premier

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